Terms and Conditions:
  1. You must put the linking code on your site to receive votes.
  2. Only Panties and Nylon Fetish Sites allowed.
    All other sites will be deleted without prior warning.
    No rape, warez, childporn, lolitas, incest or password trading sites.
    Forbidden words: Young, Schoolgirl, Preteen, Underage.
  3. No overuse of pop-up consoles.
    Maximum of 2 unchained exit consoles.
    NO entrance, hidden, delayed consoles.

    No Autobookmarks and auto change startup page.
    Absolutely NO exploits and autoloading dialers.
    No timeout focus or refreshes on the pages.
  4. Your banner size must be 468x60 only.
  5. All listed sites are checked daily by our listing manager.
    After a week all inactive accounts will be deleted.
  6. If our anti-cheating system will determine attempts of a cheat - your account
    can be temporarily blocked automatically. It will be unblocked when your
    traffic will come back to normal or after reset of toplist.
    At repeating attempts of a cheat the account will be deleting without notice!
  7. No duplicate submissions including identical sites at different
    URL's!!! All identical sites will be deleted and banned.
  8. Please, be creative and do not provide descriptions with the repetition of the
    same words and word combinations such as gallery1, gallery2 ... gallery 20.
    Use the names that correspond to the content of your site.
    We reserve the rights to correct title and description provided by user

P.S. All sites breaking these rules will be removed and banned without prior warning.

I promise not to cheat, spam or advertise child porn, rape, incest sites/banners in the Top Sites.
I understand that if I spam or try to promote child porn/rape/incest or use such banners,
my account will be removed immediately and I will be reported to my hosting company
and sponsors. Use of words like: lolita, kid, children, pedophilia, rape, incest etc. is forbidden.
Also I agree to receive news and important information from Traffic-system.com Team to my email
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